Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thuy Nga DVD 99 and 100

DVD Paris By Night 99 Toi La Nguoi Viet Nam to chuc vao Thu Bay 16 & Chu Nhat 17 that 1 nam 2010

DVD Paris By Night 100 Dem Hoi Ngo Cua Nu Sieu Sao Thu Tu Ngay 20 thang 1 nam 2010

Vao cuon Thuy Nga 100 la show cuoi cung cua nu ca si Bao Han, co se nghi hat va ve voi gia dinh va sau 18 nam ca hat voi Thuy Nga co da choi khan gia cua PBN nhieu ngac nhien va co bat dau tu coun 16 den nay la cuon 100 co da hat 94 cuon Thuy Nga va chung toi chan thanh CAM ON Bao Han da gan bo voi Thuy Nga qua 16 nam. Cam on Bao Han rat Nhieu

In the Paris By Night 100 is Bao Han last tapping show, she going to stop singing and come back to her family and 18 years of singing she give her fans many supprise in PBN, she started from Paris By Night 16 now is 100 and she have been singing in Thuy Nga 94 DVD and we wanted to said Thank You Bao Han for join Paris By Night and keep going with us a long time. Thank you Bao Han very much.

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